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Q7570A HP 70A Тонер-картридж черный

Используется для моделей:

Black Print Cartridge

Технические характеристики:

Ресурс, стр. 15000
Относительно совместимый тонер: Bulat НВ08.1, HP 4200/5000 (2100/1200), SCC HP5035,
Масса тонера, г. 780-840
Чип: работу не блокирует, но при включении просит заменить картридж
Фотобарабан, дозирующее лезвие, магнитный вал, чека Q7516A
Вал первичного заряда, чистящее лезвие: C4129X
Бушинги Q1338A
Инструкция по заправке от Summit Technologies: Remanufacturing the HP LaserJet M5025/M5035 Toner Cartridge PDF En
Повторяющиеся дефекты печати, мм. 96mm Drum
94mm Upper fuser Roller
75mm lower fuser Roller
58mm Mag
44mm PCR
Cartridge Troubleshooting: A dirty or Bad Primary Charge Roller (PCR): this will show on the test print as vertical gray streaks down the page, as a gray background throughout the page, or as ghosting where part of a previously printed area is repeated. A hole in the PCR will leave a mark that repeats every 44mm. If there is a hole, this will eventually burn a hole in the drum, and ruin it.
Dirty PCR Connection: This will show as horizontal dark black bars across the page, or as shading throughout the page.
Scratched Drum: This is shown by a very thin, perfectly straight line that runs from the top to the bottom of the test page.
Chipped Drum: This will show as a dot or series of dots that repeat every 96mm.
Light Damaged Drum: This will show up as a shaded area on the test print that should be white. Again this will repeat every 96mm.
Material Safety Data Sheet: HP LaserJet Q7570A-AC Print Cartridge MSDS PDF
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